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+41 44 777 05 05

Baur au Lac - A Prestigious Partner

Baur au Lac Vins Asia is a recent venture undertaken by Baur au Lac Vins, which traces its history to the Baur au Lac Hotel, a renowned landmark in Zurich, Switzerland, established in 1844.

The world-famous Baur au Lac Hotel is regarded as a trend-setting luxury establishment. Six generations of family management have strictly adhered to timeless guidelines focusing on continuity, elegance, and the quality of its products and services. The Baur au Lac has thus established itself as “the place to be” among statesmen, global business leaders, artists, and film stars. Building on its traditional strengths, the Baur au Lac continually anticipates its customers’ changing needs, thereby setting new standards in the hospitality industry.

Baur au Lac Vins - Innovation and Continuity
For over 170 years, Baur au Lac Vins has been retailing premium wines, starting with vintages from the choicest regions of France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Switzerland. Following a series of major expansions and modernizations, Baur au Lac Vins moved to its present-day head office: an ultra-modern building featuring a wine boutique, a rare wine cellar, and a large storage space, where sophisticated technology maintains conditions as perfect as those found in age-old, rocky wine cellars. In keeping with the Hotel’s time-honored ways, Baur au Lac Vins blends innovation and tradition to ensure a continuously high level of quality service.

Baur au Lac Vins Asia - Your Brand Ambassador
True to the spirit of innovation that has helped secure its renown, Baur au Lac Vins successfully leveraged its fine and rare wines business into a new area of excellence in 2004, creating a concept for introducing specialist wines to discerning connoisseurs in the increasingly sophisticated Asian markets.

Boutique wineries continually hone their skills and perfect age-old techniques for producing unique wines that bring the fruit of their terroirs to their most perfect expression. Among the leading boutique wineries producing consistently excellent vintages, many lack the commercial understanding and resources to approach these new consumers.

The great traditions of winemaking craftsmanship and savoir-faire call for skilled representation, so that wine lovers in distant lands can appreciate and enjoy specialty vintages with the same enthusiasm as connoisseurs in the country of production.

By choosing Baur au Lac Vins Asia as their brand ambassador, discriminating vintners can focus on what they do best: building a dream into every bottle of their wine, while letting us bring that dream to wine lovers across Asia.

Baur au Lac Vins Asia “builds” brands by personifying each winery for a select audience, communicating its strengths and values, and perpetuating brand loyalty. We develop each winery, each image, finding exactly the right importers and distributors who work hand in hand to ensure that end customers’ expectations are met or surpassed, time and time again.

As a recognized professional in the Asian market, Baur au Lac Vins Asia uses its keen understanding of local tastes and trends, developed through years of experience, to build brand recognition and demand for a host of prestigious boutique wineries in Europe and South America.

We at Baur au Lac Vins Asia live up to six generations of history, which is the cornerstone of our business today. In keeping with the venerable Baur au Lac tradition, we strive to innovate while ensuring consistent results, and we take pride in being the foremost provider of outstanding products, serving our partners reliably and transparently to foster lasting, profitable relationships.