Baur au Lac Vins
Baur au Lac Vins
Adlikerstrasse 272
8105 Regensdorf / Zürich
+41 44 777 05 05
+41 44 777 05 05


Our vision

  • Pride, professionalism and performance in the service of our partners.

Our mission

  • We take pride in over six generations of Baur au Lac history – the legacy and foundation on which we have built our present-day activities.
  • We strive to deliver impeccable performance and service in order to maximise clients' enjoyment and appreciation.
  • We act fairly and honestly towards our clients and partners, nurturing mutual trust and building lasting relationships.
  • We are committed to consummate professionalism in keeping with our outstanding reputation.
  • We seek to be an innovative force which helps shaping the future of our chosen line of business.
  • We compete fairly and honestly with our rivals.
  • We aim to set ourselves apart as a team in which each individual feels respected, valued and fulfilled.