Baur au Lac Vins
Baur au Lac Vins
Adlikerstrasse 272
8105 Regensdorf / Zürich
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+41 44 777 05 05


Most wines travel the world in refrigerated containers. The containers should never be too cold; but nor – when left standing in the sun, for example – should they be allowed to become too warm. A bottle should be rested for three weeks after travelling on a plane.

We currently employ a team of seven staff who control all operations from goods receipt and inspection to preparing wines for shipment.

Air freight delivery: Zurich to Asia Pacific

Cost indication and conditions of shipments from Zurich/Switzerland to Asia Pacific (including the following services, but exclusive of customs duties):

  • A two-week lead-time applies for wine shipments from Zurich to Asia.
  • Wine is insured throughout transportation.
  • Before transport, employees of Baur au Lac Vins seal all cargo in the warehouse. This wrapping is not reopened until the wine has been landed for inspection in the target warehouse.
  • Once sealed, the wine is collected and delivered directly to Zurich Airport.
  • Goods are then flown from Zurich to Asia on a direct, non-stop flight in a pressurised aircraft cabin.
  • A temperature-controlled truck transfers the goods straight from the plane to a temperature-controlled airport storage facility.
  • Another temperature-controlled truck then transports the goods from the airport to their final destination.