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+41 44 777 05 05

San Patrignano

San Patrignano is a community that welcomes young men and women with social marginalization problems. Since 1978 it has been a home for more than 20,000 people, offering them – completely free of charge – a real chance to reintegrate into society, through a journey based on responsibility, dignity, autonomy and help from the person to the person.

A wine that means life.

It is thanks to the commitment of the 1,300 residents of San Patrignano that the rehabilitation centre’s wines are created.

These wines are excellent thanks to the use of top-quality grapes, but also thanks to the great passion of San Patrignano’s young residents who are responsible for tending the vines, in both winter and summer, harvesting the bunches of grapes, selecting them and dealing with its ageing in casks or oak barrels. As the wine ages, young residents come together, find their identity and once again learn to savour life.

The vineyards of San Patrignano span the hillside of Coriano overlooking the Rimini coast, which is only 5 kilometers away as the crow flies - a total of 110 hectares entirely dedicated to production.

All the Italian and international awards won by San Patrignano wines are thanks also to the precious collaboration of Riccardo Cotarella, a leading name in the Italian and overseas wine-making field who has been working with and supporting the professional growth of our young residents in the wine cellar since 1997.